The Steering Committee Meeting held in Quba

03 February 2018

The first Steering Committee Meeting of 2018 was held on 3-4 February in Quba. This highly important meeting brought together chief and deputy-chief marshals to look ahead at upcoming world-class race scheduled for April 27-29, share experiences and address vital issues spotted through the previous years. The Clerk of Course Chingiz Mehdiyev casted a light on anticipated changes and developments for the season of 2018, and provided information on new appointments and significant regulation amendments. Chief and deputy-chief marshals had a possibility to put forth constructive proposals and recommendations with regards to improving this year’s operations. The meeting was an indispensable platform for discussion and exchange of opinions that would aptly trigger the future evolvements. The necessary decisions were taken following the productive discussions on suggestions advocated by chief and deputy-chief marshals. The event closed out with a number of effective team-building activities seeking to raise motivation and team spirit among the marshals.