Gazelli Group Supports Baku Marshals Club

19 June 2017

It was announced today that the Gazelli Group will provide products for a big team of marshals to support efforts during the 2017 Azerbaijan Grand Prix to be held in Baku this weekend, June 23-25.

Yelena Eyvazli, Gazelli Group’s Head of Public Affairs, spoke earlier of how pleased the company is to support the second F1 race weekend to be hosted in Baku this June: “Our company always supports public, cultural and sporting events held in Azerbaijan. We are happy to contribute to the Azerbaijan Grand Prix with our products and our support will be continuous for similar events in the future”.
Chingiz Mehdiyev, Baku City Circuit’s Sporting Department and Baku Marshals Club Head, expressed his gratitude for this partnership:

“Marshals undergo pre-race trainings under different weather conditions and they usually require sun protection during the long racing sessions. Looking after our staff is the main priority of the Baku Marshals Club and as such, we always choose high-quality products for our marshals. This year, they are going to use the very best in cosmetic products by the Gazelli Group and we would like to thank the company for their support”.

About ‘Gazelli Group’

Gazelli Group, Azerbaijan’s first natural cosmetics manufacturer, has been operating for almost 18 years. One of the distinctive features of their products is the fact that the company manufactures them with fruits and vegetables such as pomegranate, quince, date, tarragon, and basil, all of which are found in Azerbaijan.

The ‘Aroma Collection’ and ‘Buta’ by the Gazelli Group have become two of the most favorite brands in Azerbaijan. ‘Gazelli Skincare’ made with naftalan oil is actually credited as being the company’s own scientific invention.

The Gazelli Group continues to please its customers with a wide range of new and innovative products. The compact sized and affordable ‘SunLab’ miniature travel kit includes essential skincare products. Overall, the Gazelli Group has more than 100 product patents and it manufactures more than 500 products such as hair shampoo, hair balsam, dry and liquid soaps, shower gels, creams, masks, lotions, hotel, household and industrial products.

The Gazelli Group is the only company in the post-Soviet countries - and indeed one of the few worldwide - to own a GMP certification. With 12,000 m2 production space, the company has factories and scientific-research labs equipped with modern technological facilities and more than 250 employees.