FIA Formula 1 World Championship regulations update

05 December 2019

The Council approved a number of changes to the 2020 Technical and Sporting Regulations, including:

  • Wording relating to the sampling and testing of fuel at the events to incorporate reference declarations
  • The reinstatement of the chequered flag as the definitive end-of-race signal
  • Wording to prevent teams from covering their cars during winter testing, in order to make these events more appealing to the media and fans
  • The Council confirmed the appointment of BBS as the single supplier of wheel rims starting in 2021, following its pre-selection on 5 July 2019.
  • Following the pre-selection of Magneti Marelli for the fuel primer pump, and of Bosch for the high pressure fuel pump and piping by the Council on 30 July 2019, a phase of consultation with the teams.

Power Unit manufacturers and suppliers was conducted under the arbitration of the FIA Technical Department.