The story of one Marshal: Tanveer Singh from India

02 June 2016

Describe your previous experience as a track marshal.

I come from a family who is passionate about cars and racing and I became a marshal when Formula 1 came to India in 2011. That was the first year I was a marshal and since then I have been going every year as a marshal to Singapore and Abu Dhabi F1 races.

As a child, I watched the F1 races on television and when the opportunity came to be on the track, I couldn’t say no. I realized that nothing compares to the experience of being close to the cars and drivers, meeting mechanics, race officials and crazy fellow F1 marshals. Some of the marshals I met have become my family. At the beginning of the year, we talk about who is going to which race and plan accordingly to do it together, it’s like an F1 holiday.

My marshal friends call me the Roger Federer of F1, as I am crazy about him and always wear my RF cap at F1. In 2013, Eddie Jordan (ex- F1) interviewed me for BBC Sport and said I think you have got your sports mixed up, you’re wearing a Roger Federer Cap, and I said I love both and then on TV wished Federer all the best for his next match, which was to happen after the Indian GP.

Describe your responsibilities for the 2016 FORMULA 1 GRAND PRIX OF EUROPE.

I am yet to be assigned a responsibility for the 2016 Formula 1 Grand Prix of Europe. I have been an intervention marshal and a fire marshal in the past and I am presuming I’ll be a track marshal. We’ll find out about our posts and role when we arrive in Baku.

How is your preparation for this race going?

I am thankful to the Baku City Circuit Facebook group, as they have been posting details of the circuit. Having access to information about the track like a circuit map, details of the corners, maximum speeds, and distance familiarizes you with the track even before you see it. This information helps a lot, especially since this is a new track. Having studied the map and the details about it, this gives you a head start when arriving for the first time at the track.

What is your feeling about Baku City Circuit? Which part of the track do you like the most?

It is built as one of the fastest city circuits currently on the calendar. It will be interesting as you see every part of the city from modern fast lanes to the old heritage section of Baku. It will be exciting for the spectators and challenge for the marshals, as we’ll see how the Formula 1 drivers manage the uphill section at the Old Town wall with accuracy and precision and also manage to be fast at the same time. My favorite section of the track turns 8 till turn 12.