TAC LLC Company provided marshals with portable water “Aquavita”

30 June 2017

TAC LLC Company supported Baku Marshals Club by providing a big team of marshals with portable water “Aquavita”.

“Hosting a race weekend in Azerbaijan is a great achievement for our country, as the audience of the World Championship’s global audience reaches more than 400 million viewers. Interest in motorsport keeps growing in the country year by year and many Azerbaijanis are keen to become marshals in the competition. We are happy to support every marshal and become a part of the spectacular sporting event in Baku last weekend", said Fuad Mehdiyev, President of TAC LLC Company.

The Azerbaijan Grand Prix coincided with a hot period in Baku. Marshals, who stayed at their posts under the scorching sun for several hours a day, need clean mineral water. Due to its unique composition, perfect balance of mineral salts and microelements that contributes to a healthy life, “Aquavita” helps to stay in good shape.

“Aquavita” is a unique pure spring water extracted from deep underground layers of one of the greenest parts of Khachmaz district, the Northeastern Azerbaijan. It is safe in epidemiological terms since it does not contain any pathogens.

The «TAC» LLC was established in 1997. Its "Aquavita" brand supporting a healthy lifestyle has been a partner of many sports clubs and events.

The use of high-quality raw materials, advanced technology, as well as the involvement of qualified specialists from Russia, Germany, France, Turkey ensures high nutritional value and excellent taste of the company's products.